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Frequently Asked Questions
No. RaceRunner is free-to-use. While other Running apps charge a fee for the use of Premium features, our features are free.

And what they call Premium, we offer as standard.
Actually, both. The app can be used by runners to help improve their personal performance and allow individuals to create their own Running event.
Oh, that's easy.

From within the app, tap the menu icon. Then the slide out will include the menu item "Rate RaceRunner". Tap that and Rate us!
For sure it can, if you use the following brands:

  • Garmin
  • TomTom
  • Polar

Please revisit, as we will be adding other brands soon.
Please ensure that there are no spaces within the code you entered.

We have found that persons may cut and paste a code, leaving a space either before or after the code. This will cause it to be invalid.

If that fails, please send an e-mail to and a team member will examine your issue promptly.
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