RaceRunner joins in supporting the #MeToo campaign by hosting a ‘#MeToo Global 5K Run/Walk’

Winnipeg. April 25, 2018 – Come Wednesday June 6, 2018, thousands will run, walk, jog or stroll for a worthy cause as they participate in the free ‘#MeToo Global 5K Run/Race’ which says to individuals the world over, that they are not alone in their struggle to end violence.

A global phenomenon that started in 2017, the ‘#MeToo’ movement saw more than a half million women, from celebrities to the woman on the street, share their truth about incidents of sexual assault and how by sharing their personal stories, they have given hope to the many voiceless victims of this crime.

No city is immune to tragedy and even our beloved Toronto was the unfortunate site of a recent attack on our women as misogyny and violence against our fairer sex persists seemingly unabated. This brought it closer to home but further strengthens our commitment to  stand resolute and strong with the families affected by this issue, not only in Toronto but globally as unity in the face of adversity is a peaceful but powerful weapon.

The ‘#MeToo 5K Run/Walk’ is part of the Global Running Day 2018 activities which is simply a celebration of the joys of running, hence participants from across the globe will get involved in any way that keeps them moving. Team RaceRunner is proud to support all such brave individuals both symbolically and through our app for athletes interested in making a change.

By using the RaceRunner app, persons from Jamaica, United Kingdom, India, Australia, Canada, the United States plus other countries far and wide, will lace up their sneakers in support of this worthy cause. By simply downloading the app to their phone, runners will be able to connect with other participants globally, with added voice system that acts as a navigation guide throughout the established route chosen.

The RaceRunner app is an ideal medium to not only get people involved in staying fit and having a healthy body, but through their participation to this cause, assist other individuals to have a healthier frame of mind as they look to the future.


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