Ice Breaker

Why would you ever want to run on a cold, dark and snow-covered road? The answer is, because it’s fun and challenging! You might think that running in the cold is not worth your time, but there are many benefits both mentally and physically that encourage winter running.

Here are a few reasons why you should run in the winter:

Beat the Blues:

Days are short and gloomy but running can elevate your mood. Running will balance your body, increase your stamina and make you feel great! It doesn’t matter if you are just going out for a free run or attempting a 5K challenge, it’s just a matter of getting started.

Bragging Rights:

Running in the cold is an unusual feat, so you will get you enlighten your colleagues about your frigid adventures the next day. Your viral enthusiasm may even motivate them to start running as well. You two can easily connect with RaceRunner, regardless of distance. RaceRunner’s Run with a Buddy feature allows you and your colleagues to race against each other from anywhere in the city!

Not Much Different:

If you enjoy running during the summer, you will be happy to know that winter running is not much different! You will be warm after just a few minutes into the run and the cold won’t matter much. The trick is to wear enough. Too little clothing will invite cold, illness and loss of motivation. However, too much clothing will also be annoying as your body will be too warm to operate. Cover your head and neck. Wear gloves; even if the run is short and it’s not too cold, your hands will still be frozen after a few minutes into the run. Choose appropriate winter running footwear that help your feet to maintain a proper grip with the icy surface.

Resolve the Indulgence

Courtesy of the holidays’ diet, we emerge from the colder seasons with a “baggage” that may be more suitable for a hibernating mammal! However, since humans don’t really have long winter sleeps, we need to burn those extra calories. During the warm-up part of your run, your body will spend extra energy to fight off the cold resulting in extra calorie burn! There isn’t a better way to get a head start on your New Year’s resolution to stay healthy for the next year than to start running during the holiday season.

Core Exercise

Running in the snow or on icy roads will exercise your core muscles. You will discover a few new muscles that you didn’t know existed. While running in the winter, your body has to work harder to fight for balance. The biggest load of the work is done by your core muscles and that training will be handy for your longer summer runs.

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