Continuing our Passion to race

The Journey of RaceRunner

Since the dawn of our history, we humans have always been driven by the passion for racing. Our survival is a mere result of how strong we were to face challenges brought forward by nature and to keep racing forward.

On one bright sunny summer day, three friends who were living in different parts of the world came together to just talk virtually about their love for running. No one had the slightest idea that this conversation could lead to an attempt to create something new. Something Big.

They already knew running has a lot of health benefits but deep down they missed the good old days when they used to run together. The conversation focused on one obstacle. Can we use technology to create something which can help people like us who are geographically separated to do something they love? To run …To race together!!!

Their heads were full of doubts but the conversation was kept on. Research done.

  • How can we race if we are not in one place?
  • Has anyone tried it already?
  • They were rest assured that no one in the world has tried it yet.
  • Days passed by and a great idea was born.RaceRunner.

RaceRunner is a whole new app that enables running enthusiastic around the world to race each other on real time. The new app goes on to make your daily running experience a more fun and exciting by adding super features like Buddy Run and Free Run.

The main feature of the app, Racing is focused on bringing together the individuals who like competitive aspect of running. Hence they are enabled to connect with runners around the world and race each other on real time. Whilst the app creates regular races, the users too have the freedom to create their own group race including a rewards scheme.

Buddy run is for those individuals who like a companion to keep them going. Tag along along friend when you want to run and you could still find out whether you could out run your buddy.

A great scholar once said to become the best we don’t need to follow another; we just have to beat our own selves. So we created FreeRun. This feature helps you measure your performance to beat you next time when you run.

The journey so far was not a smooth run. We three had to face many obstacles. One of them was to find a way to accurately measure the performance of each racer on real time. We had to combine many technological platforms to overcome the hurdle. It’s worth all the sleepless nights we spend. RaceRunner is now all equipped to give you a really unique racing experience.

Don’t worry if you are not a pro runner.  All it requires is your undying passion to race.

RaceRunner will simply change history as it revamped daily running into race that is unique, a lot more fun and exciting. It was all possible as we three strongly believed in that it could be done. Miles will not be a barrier any more to run together!

The journey continues as the Race is on.
Join the world’s 1st GLOBAL RACE

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