Running an essential part of daily life

Many consider running a passion. May be they run in real races  , running daily to keep fit or it simply may be running the race of life.

Getting up early morning after a late night sleep as you need to race with time to make it to work on time, could be a daunting task on most of the days. However, we have embraced this as a crucial part of life and the rest of day continues to be a race with time too.

You could be a parent, a busy working professional, a bright college student or just an ordinary person. Finding time to do your daily tasks may be your each day’s biggest challenge. The result could be that you simply neglect your wellbeing and end up wasting hundred s of dollars on medicine and healthcare.

Why not make running daily a part of your life. Of course you would love to but where to find the time?

What if we give you a solution!


Yes it is the solution. We simply believe that there is enough time every day to do plenty of tasks if you set your mind to do so. Look at the people in your neighbourhood, in your work place or at your college. Do they go through special days with extra hours to accomplish all they have in life? No, right? They too have the same 24 hour day like us. The difference is that they are totally determined to do what needs to be done today.

They reach heights in life that seems impossible because they believe they simply can. They make sure every minute of their day is put to good use.

When you know that running can be so full of health and vitality benefits, how can you simply not run?


You don’t believe right?

Just look at the following facts.

Non-runners view running as a painful, tedious, and exhausting form of exercise that should be avoided unless you’re trying to get in shape and lose weight. Running daily for just five minutes can actually reduce your all-cause risk of mortality and let you breathe in three more years of life.

Running is considered a vigorous-intensity aerobic activity that can help you meet your physical activity requirements and benefit your overall health. You don’t have to run fast to make an impact. Fifteen minutes of brisk walking, or better yet five minutes of running is all it takes to reap the mortality benefits of the most accessible sport.


  1. Better Brain Performance

Shorter term aerobic exercise, like running is able to raise heart rate and increase the flow of oxygen-rich blood in the body, including the brain. It improves brain, cognition, and cardiovascular fitness in healthy aging adults.

  1. Better Mood

Whether you’re having a bad day or you’re in a good mood, running will boost your spirits and make you feel positive. Runners actually have attested to the alleged “runner’s high,” which is the feeling people get after they’ve finished a good job or run. Intense endurance activity is suspected to lead to an increase in endocannabinoids – the brain chemicals that signal pleasure. The “neurobiological rewards” theory of the runner’s high could also imply we as humans have evolved to enjoy running.

  1. Better Sleep

Going on a daily morning run can become your sleeping aid for getting a good night’s sleep. Those who run regularly in the mornings showed an improvement in objective sleep. Subjective sleep quality, mood, and concentration during the day improved, whereas sleepiness during the day decreased.  An afternoon or night run can also reduce sleeping difficulty through its body-heating effects. Exercise is known to trigger an increase in body temperature, and the post-exercise drop in temperature may promote falling asleep. Moreover, exercise can reduce sleeping problems by decreasing arousal, anxiety, and depression.

  1. Reduces High Blood Pressure

Men and women at all blood pressure levels can benefit from regular aerobic activity, including running. Although running can cause blood pressure levels to spike temporarily, these exercise-induced elevations in blood pressure should not be of concern. The benefits of 5 minutes running daily can also be achieved by 15 minutes of brisk walking.. It can lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and diabetes as much as running.

  1. Reduces Cardiovascular Disease

Running daily for 5 minutes can cut your risk of cardiovascular disease by almost half. People who run regularly have a 30 percent lower risk of death from all causes, and a whopping 45 percent lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease. Weekly running, even 5 to 10 minutes a day and at slow speeds less than 6 miles per hour, will suffice to reduce the risk of mortality, compared with not running.

  1. Increases Lifespan by Three Years

Running daily does not only reduce the odds of cardiovascular disease, it can add years to your lifespan — specifically three. People who exercise regularly are found to live an average of three years longer than their sedentary counterparts .Adding years to your life is as simple as doing a 15-minute walk or a 5-minute run. The substantial and mortality benefits can mean a difference between life and death for sedentary individuals.

Running Daily

Remember, running just five minutes a day can keep your doctor way.

By far now, you shoulder be convinced that daily running can make a real difference in your life.
Just calculate how much time you spend reading face book posts or going trough sites with our no purpose…just to kill time …
So just log off, shut down and go RUN.
One run can change your day. Many runs can change your life!
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Don’t ask others why they run, ask yourself why you don’t?

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