Run with RaceRunner, The App for Runners Without Boundaries

Are you running in 2018?

With little over 30% of the 2 million mobile applications available for Android and Apple devices being fitness apps, you will probably join the masses in downloading an app compatible to your running pursuits. I find that the least impressive feature of existing apps for runners is, limited connectivity for a network of happy feet due to physical boundaries.  And, if you are an active 21st century runner you need an app that transcends borders.

Introducing Racerunner, the first virtual running app designed to limit such confines. There are five remarkable features that make Racerunner a potentially viable app for running enthusiasts in 2018.

1. Real-Time Virtual Racing

Avid runners are always looking to improve their time in and off season. The real-time virtual feature affords the perfect opportunity for runners in various locations to train together in preparation for competition. Imagine participating in a global marathon using the running route in your area, while other running rivals from other countries run in their area and compete with you, simultaneously. Perfecting your art without the strain of live competition just got easier.

2. Flexi-Time Race

Time travel is possible thanks to the flexi-time race feature. While it is unable to reveal the lottery numbers for the New Year it can however, have you challenge the time of a previous run in a different time zone. For e.g. a runner in Australia runs a personal best and extends a challenge to another runner in Canada. Since the runner in Australia has already set the date of the run, competing runners only need to select a convenient time to participate. The app provides a simulation of the next runners actual run – the thumps and breathing of that runner to create a competitive atmosphere.

3. Choose an International Running Partner

This simple feature boasts a less intrusive way to expand your fitness network. It is just like gaming; you know, when you play a video game with a random person living a thousand miles away. Now apply the same principle and connect with runners who share your passion for running and utilize the full capacity of Racerunner, it is that easy.

4. Free Run

How about a solo training tool for personal assessment? The Free Run feature offers analysis of statics per run and time period. This is a great tool to experiment with by incorporating analysis from statistics to improve overall performance and prepare for future runs.

5. Smart Watch Compatibility 

The Racerunner app is compatible with wearable technology. While the designers work to grow with its evolution, for now it is well-suited for Garmin, Tomtom and Polar smartwatches. At the end of a run, the data it collects is easily updated to the app via mobile transfers and stored for later use or evaluation.    

It is time to awaken the best runner in you and use Racerunner, the first virtual running app. The ideal way to start 2018.

On your marks, set, go…

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