Running an essential part of daily life

Many consider running a passion. May be they run in real racesĀ  , running to keep fit or it simply may be running the race of life.

Getting up early morning after a late night sleep as you need to race with time to make it to work on time, could be a daunting task on most of the days. However, we have embraced this as a crucial part of life and the rest of day continues to be a race with time too.

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Continuing our Passion to race

The Journey of RaceRunner

Since the dawn of our history, we humans have always been driven by the passion to race. Our survival is a mere result of how strong we were to face challenges brought forward by nature and to keep racing forward.

On one bright sunny summer day, three friends who were living in different parts of the world came together to just talk virtually about their love for running. No one had the slightest idea that this conversation could lead to an attempt to create something new. Something Big.

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